Course curriculum

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    Chapter 1: Memory cards and batteries

    • Digital Camera Consumables: Important advice on Memory cards and batteries

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    Chapter 3: Digital Camera Types

    • Understanding digital camera types including: Compacts, Mirrorless compacts, SLRs, phone cameras, hybrids.

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    Chapter 4: Digital Zoom BAD

    • Digital Zoom - possibly the setting that can do the most irreversible damage to photos. You simply cannot afford to misunderstand this one.

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    Chapter 5: Flash Use

    • Flash Use: When to use and when NOT to use your camera's built-in flash. Learn how to avoid common flash-use damage

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    Chapter 6: Mode Dial Introduction

    • Introduction to Shooting Modes (usually found on the Mode Dial on your camera). We investigate: Auto, Program, Shutter, Aperture and Manual modes

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    Chapter 7a: Modes: Program & Shutter

    • MODE DIAL USE: When, where, and how to use (P) Program mode and (S/Tv) Shutter mode

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    Chapter 7b: Modes: Aperture & Manual

    • Mode Dial use: When, where and how to use Aperture mode and Manual mode

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    Chapter 8: ISO / Sensitivity

    • How to effectively use ISO to improve shutter speed in poor light

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    Chapter 9: White Balance Settings

    • Ensuring color accuracy through use of the White Balance settings

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    WHAT NOW? How to contact me

    • Now that you've finished the course, what next? How to contact me, get questions answered, or get other assistance